Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spider Bat Avenger

This time last year, I came up with Captain Thor Lantern in celebration for the 4 superheroes movies that summer. This year, I present to you:


Guess you guys already know what this is about. Of course, this is a crazy-ass combination between the 3 superheroes blockbuster this summer: The Amazing Spider-man, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Avengers.

"Peter Wayne was born into a billionaire family, but he lost his parents in an tragic and mysterious murder, their family business was broke, and he's spent his entire life with his Uncle Ben Wayne and Aunt May Wayne.

Since he was a boy, Peter showed that he's a genius in engineering, and he built his own business on that. One day, his company was commissioned some weapons for the government in the wars. When he was showing his weapons on the battlefield, he was ambushed and abducted by some terrorists and was severely wounded in his heart. In order to save himself, Peter designed an armor with the shape of a bat, the kind of animal that inhabitted in the cave he was held up.

When he came back home, he stopped making weapons, volunteered into a super-soldier project in order to develop his armor. He then upgraded his armor some new features like: flying, shoot spider-webs, lightning hammer, high-accracy arrows. Aside from all of that, the nuclear reactor in his chest changed his DNA, gave him a green skin, a 6th sense and increase his physical strength.

With these powers, he fought against Loki Skull, Joker Goblin, Lizard Bane,... and saved the world several times."

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